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CNPC holds 2020 Party Construction Conference

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2020/03/11 09:33
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On March 10,the group company held the 2020 party construction meeting in the form of video conference,implemented the work deployment of the group company's Party group,summarized the work and arranged the tasks.Xu Wenrong,deputy secretary and deputy general manager of the Party group of the group company,attended the meeting and stressed the need to unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,continuously enhance the"Four Consciousnesses",strengthen"four self-confidence",and achieve"two maintenance".
Xu Wenrong pointed out that 2019 is a landmark year.The group company's party construction work has many major events,important matters and achievements.The quality of the party construction work continues to improve,and the goal of"two front lines"is fully realized,which effectively leads and guarantees the high-quality development of the enterprise.
To do well in Party Construction in 2020,Xu stressed four points of view.First,fully understand and accurately grasp the new situation and new tasks,and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in the party construction of enterprises in the new era.We should face up to the many challenges faced by the party construction work,deal with the relationship between awareness improvement and ability improvement,theoretical guidance and practical innovation,enterprise party construction and party affairs work,single integration and system integration as a whole,and earnestly shoulder the responsibility and mission of leading development.Second,we should always put the party's political construction in the first place and faithfully practice the"two safeguards".We should take concrete measures to implement the"two safeguards"into action in our work,establish a long-term mechanism that does not forget our original intention and keeps in mind our mission,unswervingly implement the two"consistent"principles,and firmly become the most reliable backbone of the party and the state.Third,we will conscientiously implement the special action plan for the"year of consolidation and deepening of Party building in central enterprises"and continue to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in Party building.We should adhere to standards,focus on strengthening,guide problems and improve quality,consolidate responsibilities and promote upgrading,consolidate and deepen the achievements of Party construction,and push it to a new level.Fourth,give full play to the party's political advantages and organizational advantages,and strive to build an oil Iron Army that listens to the party's words and follows the party.We need to build strong cadres,Party members and party affairs teams,encourage people to take on their responsibilities,play a leading role,and provide strong and powerful guarantee for political organizations.
Liu Zhihua,assistant to the general manager of the group company,director of the Organization Department of the Party group and general manager of the personnel department,made a report on the party construction work,summarized the party construction work in 2019,arranged the work tasks in 2020,and required to do a good job in the whole year in terms of political guidance,team building,system implementation,responsibility implementation,practical innovation,etc.Li sensible Zhang,executive deputy secretary of the Party Committee directly under the CPC Central Committee and deputy general manager of the human resources department,presided over the meeting and read out the decision on Commending the research results of excellent party construction in 2019.
Heads of departments,discipline inspection and supervision teams,professional companies,enterprises and institutions and relevant personnel of the headquarters attended the meeting respectively in the main and sub venues.



0911-251 5900


yao dian district, yan 'an, shaanxi province