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Oil giants oppose US sanctions against Russia

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2020/03/11 09:32
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Exxon Mobil Co.follows US President Donald Trump,foreign media reported Thursday.,XOM)and other energy companies also expressed concerns about strengthening the Russian sanctions act,which could lead to the closure of the company's global oil and gas projects with its Russian partners.
Opposition from industries such as energy could complicate the prospects for the house to pass the bill.The bill was proposed in part to punish what U.S.officials call Russia's interference in last year's U.S.election.The Senate held a bipartisan vote last month to pass the bill by 98-2 votes.
The claims of Exxon Mobil may also pose potential political problems for the trump administration.The trump administration has always wanted to avoid the involvement of Rex Tillerson,the former CEO of Exxon Mobil and the current US Secretary of state,in conflicts of interest.
Tillerson,who promised not to interfere in the affairs of Exxon Mobil,did not explicitly oppose the bill,but last month called on Congress not to take any action that might tie the government's hands.
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yao dian district, yan 'an, shaanxi province